Behind The Scenes #2 – Backstage with Be The Wolf (Officine Sonore, Vercelli)

As some of you might know, I’ve been friends with the guys in Be The Wolf for quite some time now…years, as a matter of fact.

Since annoying them is one of my favorite things to do, here are some backstage pictures I took on November 18th, at Officine SonoreĀ  in Vercelli.
I “hid” backstage with Be The Wolf to take some shots of them warming up and getting ready, while the previous band was on stage. The event was a 4 bands night part of an itinerant tour called ‘Rock In Park’, tour that involves different venues in different cities (Milano, Vercelli, and Bologna up to now) and has 4 different bands playing each date.

[NOTE: full gallery will be up HERE soon, so don’t use this pictures in any way.]

I don’t know what was happening here, I just remember some dancing

Spontaneous Death Stare from Hell

Little space, but we always manage


You shall (NOT) pass

Warming up

“That’s ma bois” aka quality check

Why do I even try to make him seem serious

Liquid focus

Ready to go


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